About the Project

Enable the switch from Ground Segment solutions to in-space live-time connectivity


EnduroSat is developing the next generation software-defined NanoSats with integrated inter-sat communication capability


AIKO’s machine learning algorithms will optimize the network, adapting to any modification in satellites and their parameters


Planetek will create the innovative interface for cloud-based Digital Mission Control in your pocket

Tech Tour

TechTour will empower marketing and sales efforts of the Space Data Gateway project


SDG is an Intelligent NanoSat Communication service in Low Earth orbit, envisioned with the capacity of transmitting on-demand space data at a fraction of the cost.

The main innovation is the capability for NanoSats to interconnect in LEO and transmit more data per mission. The service will enable the user to have plug & play satellite communication system and AI-based autonomous mission operations capability, as well as cloud-based Digital Mission Control. This will reduce the price of NanoSat missions by 65% on average and at the same time lower the complexity of the satellite communications and increase the volume of the space data transmitted. The service will eliminate the need for each user to invest in expensive ground infrastructure. It enables new players to benefit from pay-as-you-go model.

A dedicated SDG webinar for early adopters and potential clients was organized virtualy on March 17-th where more than 50 R&D companies participated.

The webinar was communicated to an extended audience, including clusters ESA BICs and personalized outreach.

Download webinar presentation


Next Generation of Inter-satellite Communication

Finalize the engineering and validation of next generation inter-satellite communication modules and antennas and their integration into existing EnduroSat NanoSats

Autonomous Mission Operations

Customize Artificial intelligence software for autonomous in-space operations and data services. An AI-software will be embedded into the integrated NanoSats through the intersatellite communication modules

Common Standard

Create a common standard for in-space communication between NanoSats in Low Earth Orbit

Cloud-based Mission Control

Initiate cloud-based Mission Control application for NanoSat operations in orbit. The service will enable space customers to operate their NanoSats in orbit without paying for complex ground infrastructure

Ever-growing Space Data

Increase the satellite data stream from LEO by optimization of satellite operations and reduce the overall latency

On-demand Space Connectivity

Provide unprecedented on-demand connectivity to each NanoSat of Space Data Gateway

Lower Costs

Optimize satellite operations in LEO – lower overall satellite operations costs and the technical complexity for each mission



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The project is funded by H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Programme.

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